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The prize competition "Young Animal Ambassadors®"
Ranch Kaja and Grom's play contest: "Young Animal Ambassadors®". International Animal Ambassadors® center Slovenia is opening a tender for:BEST picture, BEST fairytale, BEST anectode (on the subject about the understanding and the respect of the animal / nature language).. We invite all children (from 5 to 18 years) to participate. The works can be sent any time from 15 of June to 15 of October 2016.
You can scan and email or mail them on the address of Ranch Kaja and Grom, Razgor 11, 3212 Vojnik, or #EM#72606c606f646c66486e676a6561206c7f7c#EM#.

THE RULES of the contest: the product must be made by the childs own judgement, only children beneath 7 years can be helped by their parents to write at their childs supervision. The product shall be posted to the facebook of Ranch Kaja and Grom. When the product is posted the voting with likes begins.
Ten children, that are going to collect the highest amount of likes, will get a prize. All children will be rewarded for their works, where they help to spread the knowledge that we are sorrounded by beings with which we co-exist side by side and we call animals and plants We also have to accept their difference.
PRIZES: Every contestent will get an honorary card as an Animal Ambassadors® and will be written in an honorary book of Animal Ambassadors®, that is going to get published on the internet page and the facebook page of Ranch Kaja and Grom.
FIRST AND SECOND BIG PRIZE: Guardianship of a horse for a year on Ranch Kaja and Grom. More about the selection of the horse on the internet page of Ranch Kaja in Grom.
THIRD BIG PRIZE: A week long vacation program for 1 person on Ranch Kaja and Grom.
FOURTH BIG PRIZE: A weekend long provram for one person on Ranch Kaja and Grom.
FIFTH PRIZE: Two hours of Balance riding AŽ,
SIXTH PRIZE: One hour of Balance riding AŽ

More information about the prizes themselves is on the internet page of Ranch Kaja and Grom.
International center of Animal Ambassadors® Slovenia, Ranch Kaja and Grom reserves its right to award two children with adiditional prizes by its own judgement.
Explication: we decided for this step becouse not all children have the acces to the internet or have an other way to not be able to be allowed to enter the contest. But their work shows an ingenious idea or sends an exceptional message for the well-being of animals and plants.

ADDITIONAL PRIZES: 2x Guardianship of a horse for one person

Children send their works signed with their name, surname, age, home address, e-mail, and statement of the parent or the legal guardian*, and cab send it everyday untill thr 15th of October, when the cotest ends. The counting of likes will be finished untill the 20th of Octobrer and on the next day the winners will be announced.
*The statement must incclude a consensus, that the childs work, from the moment that it arrives to the address of Ranch Kaja and Grom, can be used freely and can be used as advertisement. The statement and protection of personal details, that are a component of the contest, are as an attachement published on the internet page www.ranckajaingrom.com
The members of the commitee in the international association of Animal Ambassadors® of Slovenia, who will check and collect the votes are: Darja Žnidaršič - Animal Ambassadors®, Manca Grubič - owner if Ranch Kaja and Grom, Oskar Divjak - assistant and Janja Andoljšek - mother of a helper of RKG.
For additional information or questions you can contact us on #EM#72606c606f646c66486e676a6561206c7f7c#EM# or on telephone number: 00386 41 639 822 - Darja

HOW CAN I BECOMEAnimal Ambassadors® Slovenia?
Animal Ambassadors® is expected to: - represent and defend the interests of animals by setting an example and thereby represent a bridge between people and animals - promote these interests among people to the best of his or her abilities. To do this, he/she can choose the approach that is best suited to him/her: - by setting an example and through direct work with an animal, for those whose life is directly connected with animals and nature - by indirect contribution or spreading the philosophy (helping with translations, language editing, finding sponsors or donors for projects, with computer services, assisting in the organisation and implementation of projects, with taking care of animals, promotion, organisation of the Animal Ambassadors® Centre, preparation and implementation of seminars and workshops in related areas for the benefit of animals or nature, preparation and printing of publications and through financial support of individual projects).
Animal Ambassadors® – INDIVIDUALS:
Becoming a member:
- Candidates may contribution to title animal ambassador through their work (design contests working or other actions ...) or:
- The candidate must pay the annual membership fee of 10 EUR, attend a two-day training seminar “Kaja's Stories” at the Animal Ambassadors® Centre Slovenia and must engage in activities for the benefit of animals (cf. Animal Ambassadors® is expected to)

What does Animal Ambassadors® gain apart from the title and membership card?
- 30% discount on “Kaja's Stories” seminars
- 10% discount on all TTEAM seminars carried out by Darja Žnidaršič
- 5% discount on all TTEAM seminars carried out by Linda Tellington-Jones
- 5% discount on all children holiday programmes at Ranch “Kaja and Grom”
- Posting of his or her full name on the website of the Animal Ambassadors Association of Slovenia
- Participation at the annual Animal Ambassadors® conference and candidacy for the best Animal Ambassador of the year.

PRESS or WEB Animal Ambassador:
All media facilitating:
- cost-free daily or monthly publications, broadcasts, articles etc.

What does PRESS or WEB Animal Ambassadors® gain apart from the title and membership card?
- 5% discount on “Kaja's Stories” seminars
- 5% discount on all TTEAM seminars carried out by Darja Žnidaršič for members or employees
- 5% discount on all children holidays programmes at Ranch “Kaja and Grom” for members or employees
- Advertising on the website of Animal Ambassadors®Association of Slovenia and at least one advertisement a year in PRESS Animal Ambassadors® media
- Participation at the annual Animal Ambassadors® conference and candidacy for the best PRESS/WEB Animal Ambassador of the year

Animal Ambassadors® – Donors or Sponsors:
All companies, organisations and associations who contribute to the centre’s activities in material or funds, thereby promoting the welfare of animals and nature to the best of their ability.
The donors and sponsors are posted on our website and, occasionally, in the media, together with the amount of their contribution and its purpose.

What does Animal Ambassadors® donor/sponsor gain apart from the title and membership card?
- 5% discount on “Kaja's Stories” seminars
- Advertising on the website of Animal Ambassadors® Association of Slovenia and at least one advertisement a year in PRESS Animal Ambassadors® media
- Participation at the annual Animal Ambassadors® conference and candidacy for the best Animal Ambassadors® donor/sponsor of the year

- 1 guided tour of Ranch “Kaja and Grom” for all employees (date must be arranged in advance)
- 5% discount on all TTEAM seminars carried out by Darja Žnidaršič for employees
- 5% discount on all children holidays programmes at Ranch “Kaja and Grom” for employees

FRIENDS – Individuals and Companies:
All individuals or companies who support and appreciate our work, but do not wish to be actively engaged.
They express their approval of our work and philosophy with a financial contribution in the minimum amount of 10 EUR, material help or in some other way.

Full names or titles of friends (individuals and companies) are posted on our website along with the amount or type of their contribution.

ANIMAL AMBASSADOR: Our Kaja is physically no longer with us, but she continues to live in our hearts and thoughts; she is always with us when we do not know how to continue. For this reason, she is and will be our beloved guide and ambassador.


Ambassador for twenty years.
JADRAN At the age of twenty-six, he is the leader and boss of the stables. Our equine sage is the beloved of all our riders, because he performs psychoanalysis of each person within the first hour of their acquaintance and proceeds to crawl under his or her skin. Our clever little horse definitely knows that one plus one makes two.

Ambassador for fourteen years.
ENTER The first lieutenant to the boss of the stables, he speaks with “fists” rather than words. If Jadran fails to sort out the situation at hand peacefully, Enter takes care of it as the stables constable.

Ambassador for seventeen years.
PEGAZ Pegaz, who is now seventeen years all, will succeed Jadran when he decided to retire. Pegaz is a peaceful, wise little horse who lives by his own philosophy. He has figured out life completely.

Ambassador for fifteen years.
GAIA At the age of fifteen, Gaia is a pretty, but lively little mare. Everybody knows her to be the darling of the stables, enjoying privileges both with people and horses. She is arrogant and self-centred, but at the same time clever and sincere.

Ambassador for seventeen years.
KALIB Kalib, who is now seventeen years old, is the explorer and the inventor among the inhabitants of the stables. He takes great joy in making new discoveries or producing interesting sounds, like the rasping sound of a tearing tent flap. He untiringly admires the collapsed electric fence around the pasture, which he knows no longer works. Kalib is also the half-brother of Pegaz and Gaia.

Ambassador for two years.
ARON This trotter, who is know twenty-six years old, arrived at the ranch in December two years ago and was retired because of poor health. He is always satisfied and thoroughly enjoys gentle grooming with a brush and conversation with a peaceful person (who is of course grooming him).

Ambassador for one year.
BONI At the age of seven, this gentle mare is very attached to Pegaz. He is her guide, her idol and her friend. She enjoys a casual good row with the spoiled Gaia, but mostly she frolics in the pasture.

Ambassador for six years.
GIPSY This clever rascal, who is now thirteen years old, cannot wait to cause some innocent mischief, such as opening doors that are locked in three places and untangling three knots instead of one, playing hoof-ball with crates and teaching his art to his equine friend Izi.

Ambassador for six months.
KALA This beautiful blind bitch, who is now two years old, does not allow her handicap to stand in her way. She is a curious, charming and very obedient guard of our home.  If you are not a villain, you have nothing to fear, because she will welcome you with open paws. But if you harbour bad intentions, she will find you and …  you will become good and honest. Kala teaches people what it means to be equal, what it means to be a friend for better and worse and that those who happen to differ from other sheep in the herd are in no way impaired.

Ambassador for one year.
LEON A five-year old giant with a tender heart and soul. For this reason we sometimes tease him that he is “Leonida cry baby”, but otherwise he also responds to the name LEJON, as little children usually call him. Leon heals children and adults from their fear of large dogs. He loves a good walk, as well as being in nature and with children. He came to Ranch “Kaja and Grom” from the Zonzani animal shelter. Here he found a permanent home and became a member of our large family.

LINDA TELLINGTON JONES and ROLAND KREGER, ambassadors for over fifty years:

ANDREJ ŽNIDARŠIČ and DARJA ŽNIDARŠIČ, ambassadors for twenty years:

Individual AMBASSADORS joining the team:

PRESS Animal Ambassadors
RADIO CELJE with Ambassador Rozmari Petek

WEB Animal Ambassadors
Internet portal www.mojpes.net

DONORS Contribution Used for which purpose
Ljubica Klančar, translator English translation Presentation of Ambassador Centre
of Slovenia website

Corporate FRIENDS: Contribution: Used for which purpose:
Zvitorepka Veterinary Clinic Free use of premises for TTEAM seminars


DONORS: Contribution Used for which purpose:

Linda Tellington-Jones 100% discount for Training for Companion
www.lindatellingtonjones.com TTEAM seminar Animals Practitioner for
Darja Žnidaršič (October 2008)

Teresa and Lisa 50% discount for Training for Companion
www.tteam.sc TTEAM seminar Animals Practitioner for
Darja Žnidaršič (October 2008)

Attached file
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Answers by the Slovene Animal Ambassadors® Team):
How should I start protecting nature? Should I participate in demonstrations, sign petitions, write blogs?

You should start in your own house! Every good deed is a step forward that directly benefits nature and all living beings. You will achieve a lot in one day if you do only one of the following things: if you do not let water running all the time while you are doing dishes, if you close the tap while brushing teeth, if you do not use Vanish or bleach every time you do laundry, if you do not throw away any food, if you walk instead of drive to the shop ... and if you greet your neighbour with a smile. How does a friendly greeting help preserve the environment and animals? It will make your neighbour happy, which means that it will help spread good will and indirectly contribute to all the good that people do when they are happy.

Why are people cruel to animals?

Because they are afraid, miserable or, most often, ignorant. Scared people take it out on the helpless. We are faced with the actions of the miserable every day in kindergartens, schools and at work and we know that they can make our life difficult. Such people are usually unhappy and through their cruelty and spite they wish to attract attention and assert themselves.
But the most severe source of animal abuse is ignorance, because exaggerated tenderness and misunderstanding of animals and ascribing the same rights to people and animals can equal or even exceed cruelty.

They say that if you adopt a stray dog, it will never bite you.

Dogs bite out of fear, uncertainty or pain. The above statement ascribes the human quality of gratitude to dogs, but this has nothing to do with dog bites.

Animals deserve the same rights as people. How do you understand this claim?

We certainly disagree with this statement, because it represents abuse of animals. Animals have their own needs and people must understand their world in order to establish a harmonic co-existence between the world of animals and people. Animals have already shown readiness to do this, but people have taken advantage of them and domesticated them according to fit our needs. And now people want to give animals rights. We are going from one extreme – keeping animals on chains and in cages – to another: we want them to have their own rooms, walk around dressed as humans, eat vegetarian food etc. Animals have only one right, which differs from one species to another. Their right is that people take time and learn about animals, about who and what they are, what their needs are, how we can communicate with them. But we must learn this from animals instead of following our own beliefs and patterns. Frogs do not feel anything, so we can freely dismember them; cats and dogs hate one another; bees and horses do not belong together; insects, fish and mice are so primitive that they do not feel pain – people have fabricated and generalised all these ideas in order to justify their actions.

Plants are not like animals, so we cannot cause them pain or kill them.

They used to say the same for animals and even for women! We absolutely disagree with this claim.

Poor animals, they deserve our pity!

They do not need our pity but our understanding. If we understood animals, we would feel what they need, what is best for them, what they want and need, and, above all, that it is not necessary for them to become our friends or for us to become theirs. Friendship cannot be bought. By buying a pet, you do not get a friend. Friendship must be earned.