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The work of the Animal Ambassadors® International Center in Slovenia
Our main wish is not to eradicate mistakes, but to stop making them altogether and to alleviate the suffering of those who have been affected by our wrong actions: “to promote understanding, compassion, and caring of our fellow beings by learning to treat animals with care, compassion and understanding.”

Our primary task:
To educate people that life beats in all creatures. All living beings feel, think, speak/communicate, see, hear, perceive, and have wishes and needs. All living beings are part of Nature and as such they have their rights. We wish to make people understand that the rights of people do not necessarily coincide with the rights of animals or plants. We wish to make people understand that indeed we are all children of Mother Nature, no matter what a cliché this seems to be. The thoughts of Linda Tellington-Jones, the founder of the organisation Animal Ambassadors International, fully express the way we think and feel about animals.

How do we intend to carry out our primary task?

1. By setting an example
2. Through education:
- Lectures, presentations, workshops, seminars etc. at kindergartens, schools and other institutions for children, students, families and adults
- Assistance to the publishing of books and other publications that contribute to a better understanding of animals
- Assistance to the development of innovations that contribute to a better understanding of animals
- Promotion of the Tellington method of friendly treatment of animals, which is based on the understanding of the given situation and cellular intelligence
3. By helping extraordinary children:
- Setting up programmes revolving around animals, which are otherwise inaccessible to these children.
- Helping them to heal, gain self-confidence and build a correct self-image with the help of animals and nature
4. By connecting animals and children, because future rests on the shoulders of our children

Auxiliary task: helping those who suffer
How do we intend to carry out our auxiliary task?
5. By developing and promoting the idea of Animal Sponsorship, which prevents the re-selling of animals as if they were cars.
6. By direct assistance to animals
7. Through cooperation with like-minded organisations and participation in projects assisting those who suffer.

Animal Ambassadors® International Center in Slovenia
Our mission, vision and goal closely connect animals, plants and people. All living beings are part of nature and our lives are closely intertwined. Because of the Animal Ambassadors® International Center in Slovenia are aware of this, they often directly speak out for the protection of vegetation and nature as a whole
WHO IS ANIMAL AMBASSADOR®? An individual who represents and protects the interests of animals, who is a bridge between people and animals and who educates people in this area. He or she is a messenger and protector of animals.
Because knowledge of animals is based on work and experiences with, as well as help to animals, and because animals are our greatest teachers, Animal Ambassadors® International consists of people and animals.

To connect people, animals and nature, so that they can live in harmony.

The respect and acceptance of differences.

To teach people how to understand animals and nature. If we understand them, we will feel with them, which is a big step forward from “liking”. If one feels with someone, he or she will understand and approach them with respect and friendship. Our goal is to widen the borders of communication between man and Nature.

"Animal Ambassadors® International and Tellington®  TTouch teaches a basic philosophy of kindness rather than domination of animals, and yet the purpose is at a much deeper spiritual level: to promote understanding, compassion, and caring of our fellow beings by learning to treat animals with care, compassion and understanding. In this way animals become our teachers to help us become more caring, loving human beings with the intent to make a shift– from competition to cooperation, from reaction to action – from aggression to compassion – to shift our individual molecular makeup – our DNA – from survival to intelligence. In this way we can learn to be guardians on this precious planet. 
This work is about communication. Communication with our own species and with other species on many levels; verbally, non-verbally; equally from the mind and from the heart.
TTouch takes the understanding to another level; to the universe within our cells so that we awaken the ability to connect with the divine mind within our selves.
With self-applied TTouch we are able to reach a new level of intelligence according to the first definition in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: “the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situation”. In other words to develop our skills and our ability to adapt in this rapidly changing world. Not just to adapt for our own survival, but with an open heart and caring for the collective whole. By TTouching another being – whether it is an animal or a person – we connect at a cellular level beyond words. In this way we learn a new form of communication.

We honor animals as our teachers on this path". Linda Tellington - Jones


1. Setting an example

For twenty eight years we have taken care of our horses and other animals together with thousands of children from across Slovenia and abroad, providing all the necessary care and exercise, cleaning the stables and the surroundings, pens and meadows in the spirit of “kindness rather than domination of animals”. This way, animals have become our teachers, helping us to become more nurturing and caring human beings with the aim of achieving a transformation from competition to cooperation, from immediate response to lasting actions, from aggression to compassion. We have learnt a new way of communicating with animals and respecting them as our teachers.
A year and a half ago we initiated the project of Animal Sponsorship, the aim of which is the prevention of mass re-selling of horses and education of people that horses are not toys.

2. Education Project:

In twenty eight years, our education programmes have been attended by over 45,000 children. All programmes entail learning about nature and animals and have been carried out with the help of our four-legged friends – animals as ambassadors: horses, dogs, cats and other domestic and wild animals. Some of our horses have been ambassadors since the very beginning.
In 1993 Ranch “Kaja and Grom” made broad horizons of knowledge accessible to all Slovenes by participating at the largest equestrian fair in the world, Equitana 1993. Through our participation, the news about the fair where all innovations, trends and knowledge from the entire world are presented, reached Slovenia and those prepared to learn and yearning for progress had the opportunity to broaden their horizons at the events itself, where knowledge, experiences and contacts from the entire world are available to visitors for the duration of ten days.
During all these years of activities, Ranch “Kaja and Grom” was joined by many wonderful young Animal Ambassadors who have been nicknamed “Chief Rascals” (Jasna, Nuša, Staša, Špela, Nika, Marta, Rosana, Nina, Daša, Nejka, Petra, Eva, Goga, Damir, Andro, Grega, Tanja etc.). Some continue on this path, others had to give up active participation and care for animals because school demands all their attention, whereas the life of some took a completely different turn. Nevertheless, all inhabitants of the ranch, the four- and two-legged ones, are still very proud of them all.

3. Helping extraordinary children:

For ten years, Ranch “Kaja and Grom” has conducted a free programme for the groups from fifteen to twenty-five children who are extraordinary in the mental, physical or social way. With this gesture, we meet the needs of children and horses, because they both know, what it is like to be different. Consequently they support, understand and help one another and through this process they grow. In these programmes it is not only children and horses that learn, but also us.

4. Direct help to animals

Every spring we take care of one or several wild animals, which are wounded or have fallen from their nest, until they heal and/or grow up: birds (the jackdaw Tone, raven James Bond, owl Sovica, a small cuckoo), martens (Timotej Zmigizmaj, Liza ), and baby deer. All these animals are released as soon as they are capable of surviving on their own. Some keep us company for a few more days, even a month, whereas others leave immediately (like the shy cuckoo).
Over the last five years we have “inherited” five horses from their previous, good owners, who thought ahead about the future of their animals. Our ranch has been the last home to goats, sheep, roosters (our laboratory Don Juans, Koki and ???) and dogs, such as our deceased senior Pan and our new friends, the blind Kala and the gentle giant Leon. Some of them are still with us today.
Participation in the collecting of donations for Zonzani animal shelter.
Organisation of Kaja charity concert for old horses and launching of the “Adopt a Horse” project.
Organisation of TTEAM seminars since 1998 and promotion of Tellington philosophy that has closely echoed our way of thinking and work over all these years.

We will continue to follow our action programme of contributing to peaceful coexistence and understanding between animals and people by means of setting a good example, projects, education, help to extraordinary children and direct help to animals


We will continue to take care of horses together with children in order to promote understanding, compassion and caring for other living beings. We will continue to learn how to treat animals carefully, compassionately and with understanding.
We will implement the “Adopt (rescue) a Horse” project at Ranch “Kaja and Grom” and by means of media releases, we will encourage other equestrian centres, clubs and farms to join us in the effort and initiate similar projects.
We will offer free activities for mentally, physically or socially extraordinary children at Ranch “Kaja and Grom”.

We will pay special attention to the direct help, education and certain projects connected with the promotion of our philosophy:
1. We will make sure that the “Adopt (rescue) a Horse” project at Ranch “Kaja and Grom” will succeed and by means of media releases, we will encourage other equestrian centres, clubs and farms to join us in the effort and initiate similar projects.
2. We will organise and implement several TTEAM seminars: TTEAM seminar for dogs,TTEAM seminar for horses, and TTEAM seminar for people
3. We will implement three free TTEAM presentation seminars at animal shelters for all employees, their assistants and visitors.
4. We will implement three free and open TTEAM presentation seminars for all those interested in the Tellington method/work.
5. We will recruit PRESS Animal Ambassadors, which will help us promote the philosophy among the general public:
- at least once a year, we will continue to carry out one radio show about animals every month at one of the major Slovene radio stations
- at least once a year, we will continue to carry out one TV show or broadcast a message at one of the major Slovene television stations
- at least once a year, we will continue to publish articles in monthly magazines about animals.
6. Moreover, we will educate the general public about animals at the premieres of animal films all over Slovenia by means of various presentations in accordance with the content of the film and on-screen advertisements before the beginning of the show.

7. At least once a year, we will continue to one of the Slovene primary schools, we will carry out the project “Children as Animal Friends”, in which both children, as well as their teachers and parents will participate. In the following years we will spread the project throughout Slovenia.
8. At least once a year, we will continue to one of the Slovene kindergartens we will carry out the project “Small Children as Animal Friends”, during which children will spend half a day in the company of animals. Later in the year they will make drawings about animals and nature. During TTEAM seminars and the visit of our friends, animal ambassadors from abroad, we will prepare an exhibition of these drawings. On the day of the exhibition's opening, the project together with its goals and activities will be publicised by PRESS ambassadors.
9. Organisation and implementation of two-day educational activities under the title “Kaja's Stories” for all associate members/Animal Ambassadors. The aim of this training is the presentation of the philosophy in practice, learning and exchanging experiences with the work with animals, learning about the language of animals, their life, living conditions etc. so that every candidate/member establishes whether he/she shares in this philosophy, opinions and approach to animals, and for the purpose of acquiring the title of Animal Ambassador/Protector.