knjigi o živalih na ranču v slovenskem in angleškem jeziku


    ROJSTNI DAN v naravi in z prijaznimi 4 nožnimi prijatelji TUDI POZIMI

  • ZA ŠOLE - mladi ambasadorji živali

    Programi za ŠOLE in VRTCE


    PODARITE DOŽIVETJE, materialne dobrine hitro pozabimo, doživetje ostane za vselej.

You can choose between: Summer, Fall, Christmas, Winter, Spring children's holidays
For everyone who likes horses and wishes to become their friend. It is a program that lasts for a week (from Sunday to Friday).

Program: King’s Touch
Everyone who wishes to know the ethology and psychology of a horse, are welcome to join this program. Through different theoretical and practical works we discover the life of a horse as a living being. It is based upon the idea of meeting the horse and knowing his speech and knowing how to react to it with kindness and carefulness. It is only then that both, horse and child, can enjoy the special bond that they knit between themselves. We will also discover the Tellington TTouch © method for horses and people, and how it impacts us and the horse. We also spice things up with a few lessons of balance riding AŽ © and Equility.

Program: Horseback riding camp for older or the youngest children.
It is intended for everyone who wish to spend their summer holidays in a fun yet educational way. Aside from the balance riding AŽ © they experience the Tellington TTouch © method for horses and people, the wonder joy of equlity, where they play alongside the horse. We get to know how to take care of the horse, from its hooves up to its ears.

Program: Riding Exercises
How does the rider impact the balance of the horse? How to communicate with the horse while on his back? When do we know we are balanced on the horse, and how does that benefit us? How to improve horseback riding? We are going to answer all of the above questions and even more these summer holidays. We are going to ride intensively up to twice a day and have different classes about the horses anatomy, psychology and Tellington TTouch © method for horses and people. To apply you must have a basic overview of riding.
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