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About us

Ranch Kaja and Grom
Addres: Razgor 11, 3212 Vojnik, Slovenia
GSM:00386 40 759 900 Manca or 00386 40 803 218 Matej
00386 41 639 822 Darja or 00386 31 414 283 Andrej

E-mail: #EM#72606c606f646c66486e676a6561206c7f7c#EM# 

Animal Ambassadors, TellingtonTTouch® Training, Equility teaches us the basic philosophy of kindness instead of precedence over animals,which leads us to a deeper spiritual level – understanding oneness in everything.
More about our purpose, vision and goals You can learn here.

We are Animal Ambassadors
…Our goal is to expand the understanding, compation and taking care for all living creatures in a way to teach people to work with animals in a gentle, compationate and understanding way. Working this way, animals can become our teachers, helping us to develop in a more carrying and loving human beings...

We are TellingtonTTouch® Center SLO
…With TellingtonTTouch® philosophy of a mutual respect, cooperation and serving as a unique system of nonverbal comunication, all activities and operations of Ranch are imbued…

We are Equility center SLO
…Irrespective of the age of the horse through Equility you can build a special partnership with horse and then you can realy recognize the uniqueness …

Manca Grubič (born in 1989 in Ljubljana, she finishes Hospitality and tourism programme at higher Vocational College in Ljubljana and for many years she is voluntarily helping to animate children at Ranch activities, shoping centers, camps,... Her popularity with younger children only confirms her experience working with children. She gained a lot of diferent skils attending and helping through different activities in organization for children with cerebral palsy called Sonček, cultural events and revivals of cultural heritage. She is capable of organising and running different cultural and tourist events. After 4 years of studying TellingtonTTouch® for horses she gained TellingtonTTouch® Practitioner for horses title and and she is the around the world known TellingtonTTouch® Practitioner specialised in childrens work with animals. She introduced her knowledge and experiences in a TTouch® Celebration Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2012, where she presented her technique of including TellingtonTTouch® method in children's work with animals. She also helps by organising and running children's and family programs in Stud farm Lipica. In 2011 she successfully finnished one year study at doc. Walter and Brigitte Salomon and gained the title Energetic Osteopath (EPOS) for dogs. In the year 2016 she finished her studies, and is in the process of gaining the certificate as a Consultant in equestrianism and horse breeding. That year she also took over Ranch Kaja and Grom, and its activities.

Matej Grubič (born in 1984 in Kranj, who has, through study programme at Faculty of Sport, tended into a course of personal and strenght training. During College a group of children with cerebral palsy got under his skin, so he spent next 10 wonderful years working with them in diferent programs, camps and educational processes. Here at Ranch, he expanded horizons of working with phisicaly and mentaly disabled children, children from socialy endangered groups or families, as well as he gained new knowledge of working with animals, so he became a vital supporter in running our programs and camps and also helps by running children programs. In the year he took over Ranch Kaja and Grom and its activities with his wife Manca.

Today we can rely on our friends and colleages:

Andrej Žnidaršič (born in 1956, in Ilirska Bistrica, a pathologist, has since 1989 worked with horses, horse breeding and working experiences in tourism, he also finished studying for a sportsmanager (one of 15 graduated sportsmanagers in Slovenia), he was also received the certificate RS - Advisor in equestrian sports and horse breeding and he finished German riding Academy Warendorf. He also started to awaken horseriding tradition in Brdo pri Kranju. The last five years also expanding its philosophy in the world-famous Stud Farm Lipica.In 2011 he finished studies with doc. Walter and Brigitte Salomon and obtained the title Energetic Osteopath (EPOS) for dogs…)

In 2014 he joined Slovenian inventors with revolutionary invention of a »wooden teacher horse«, which was awarded with a gold medal for inovation in Slovenia and also a gold medallion, the highest possible honor at the international Nűrmberg expo for new inventors – IENA 2006and


Darja Žnidaršič (born in 1963, in Ljubljana, a medical worker, has since 1989 worked with horses, horse breeding and working experiences in tourism, she obtained the licence of promoter and consultant in tourism and also the licence to evaluate tourist facilities, issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Since 1995 she finished serries of successful Tellington TTouch® trainings (in Italy, Switzerland, Hawaii, South Africa,…) under the leadership of Debi Pott and the founder of Tellington TTouch® Linda Tellington-Jones. During past years she obtained three titles: Tellington TTouch® for You Practicioner, TT.E.A.M. EQUINE Practitioner I and Tellington TTouch® Animal Companion Training Practitioner I. With an occasionaly assistence to Linda Tellington abroad, she completes and upgrades her knowledge. Because of her achievements, in 2007 Ranch obtained a status of 5th TTEAM® Center in the World. To this day, there are six Centers worldwide, three of them are located in Europe in UK, Germany and Slovenia. In 2011 she successfuly finished 3 years of studies and obtained the title Energetic Osteopath (EPHOS) for horses. In the last few years she is working as a consultant in Kobilarna Lipica, where she creates and leads new programs for children and family tourism…)

We started developing a tourism in Nature and with Nature, naming it Ranch Kaja in Grom. We started with riding programs for adults, riding school, shorter or longer terrain riding trips. Twentyfour years ago we decided, on request of numerous parents, to concentrate and organise programs for children and family tourism. At first we started setting up programs for children over nine years old.

Nowdays Ranch Kaja in Grom offers guests different programs of sport tourism (horse riding, archery, cave exploring, hiking, skiing, sledding, nordic skiing, skiering, hunting, fishing), eco-tourism (camping and nature survival, workshops for medicinal herbs, learning about life in forest, fields, in air and water,...), school tourism (school programs – halfday, allday, several days programs and excursions,...) youth tourism (programs for individuals, for kindergartens, children societies,...), riding tourism (English riding school, one to several hours terrain riding in the company, one or several days riding arround Country for experienced riders – always on arranged routes, we do not support cavarly and we do not join them because of incorrect attitude to animals, iresponsibility to personal property and irresponsibility to Nature), educational tourism (TellingtonTTouch® courses, art, pupet, dancing and singing workshops about nature and cultural heritage), family tourism (weekend and week programs for families), cultural tourism (Aron's medieval events in Slovenia and abroad).

Ranch Kaja in Grom is a member of European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism (ECEAT) since Slovenia joined this association. We also cooperate with Slovenian Tourism Association, the Minstry of Economics, Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Ministry of Culture, IMAGO Slovenia, Olympic Committe of Slovenia, Sports Union of Slovenia, Students organization of University of Ljubljana, Sport association of Ljubljana, Slovenian National Tourist Organisation, Office of RS for education, Union of Stud farm Lipica, Turistic farm Union of Slovenia – member, GIZ Ljubljana – member, CŠOD, Vetrenerian faculty, Institute for Sustainable Development – member, VITTA – member, Club SOCIUS, GIZ R TIM – Slovenian inovators – member, Merlet – Czech Republic, town Freisach – Austria, Tredici Casade from Trieste (tripartite contract with towns, for medieval events), La corte – Gemona, Old Town Mostar, Fair Town Trebinje, Tourist organisation Banja Luka, The Ministry of agriculture of Serbia, The Ministry of Tourism and Trade of Serbia, Company Engrotuš, Stud farm Vučjak, Stud farm Lipica, Malči Belič Youth Care Center, Project Human Institute, Educational Home Veržej,...

We represented Slovenia at multiple Horse Fairs arround the world – three times in Italy, since 1993 – 2005 we also represented Slovenia at the biggest Horse Fair of the world in Essen (Fair is hheld every two years), at the beginning under the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture. In 2007we succesfuly completed the Equitana Fair, this time with Linda Tellington-Jones, where we presented Andrej's inovation - »wooden teacher horse Valentino«. Andrej's invention won gold medal in Slovenia (MOOS) in 2004 and a gold medal for inovation at International Inovation Fair in Nürmberg (Germany) in 2005. In 24 years of existence we also took part in varius home Fairs: Didacta Fair, Nature and Helth Fair, Tourism Fair, Tourism and free time Fair, Book Fair, Children's bazaar,...